Some of you may already know about the commitment I made in May to focus the year ahead on completing the ever elusive “body of work”.  It’s not like I haven’t been making art all this time but I know there have been times when I lacked direction and others when I simply let myself […]

M & M Ranch coming together

If you dream it, it will happen.  I never  expected that the dream we had would come together this fast.  Since we made the decision to move back to Texas from Las Vegas, things have been rolling forward like a steam engine.  Our main goal in returning was to get back to our families and […]

Riding the Whirlwind

Movie reference:  The prime minister speaking to the general in Saudi Arabia, describes the position of Lawrence.  “Oh, I wouldn’t want to be him.  He’s riding the whirlwind, you know.” Well, that about covers it for what Mary and I have been going through since we made our decision to return to Texas.  We’ve logged […]