A week with Paul Soldner at Anderson Ranch 1991. Check out the guy in front of the window. Photo by Sharon Fate.
University of St. Thomas – Plus or Minus Seven Show.  Left to right – Sue Rosmarin, Gerald Furstenberg, Burney Wilson, Marc Rosenthal, Charles Hopkins, John Freeman, and Joe Jerabeck
Pat Colville, Marc Rosenthal, and visiting sculptor Bill Cole 1969


University of St. Thomas Art Dept Faculty. Left to right Jack Boynton, Pat Colville, Toulouse, Richard Cabral, unknown dog, and Earl Staley


2 thoughts on “History”

  1. Hey Marc,

    Surprised to see a photo of my previous self on the front of your blog. Nice group there, all remembered fondly. Haven’t seen any of you since 1973 except John Freeman and it’s been 25 years since seeing him. Will look over your blog. Wishing you and yours a lot of happiness and peace.


    Charlie Hopkins

  2. Marc I’m at a house on w drew next door to where u and butler used to live with a friend Robin Young who was friends with Steve desaulnier and then we looked up up and shi’ite there you are! Drop me a line … I am doing God knows what, been a long strange trip, etc. … Robin keeps talking about the drowning baby series … be good to hear to from you!

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