4.24.11 Easter Sunday peak bagging

The view from the saddle of Turtlehead Mountain, elevation 6,600 ft.  I was a bit out of condition but we still covered a mile an hour, which is pretty good considering the elevation gain was easily 2,000 ft from the desert floor.  Of course, Mary said it was no big deal.  She would say that.

5 thoughts on “4.24.11 Easter Sunday peak bagging”

  1. Great to see that you and Stan made progress on the blog. I love your selection of photos. Can’t wait to see what’s behind them when you finish the website.

  2. Made it to your blog! It looks GREAT! Now how do I find a link to it? Some way I can just press a button and be there.

  3. From my blog. Click on The Blogosphere Starts Now in Marc’s blogroll, and you can click on Marc’s blog from my blogroll. Recent conversation there, about your area, actually!

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