7-4-12 The Return

arcdome2004blog-300x225The last of the incisions on my right ankle from that surgery back in December of 2011 has made good progress in the healing from the staph infection.  With proper care and luck, the wound may be covered with new skin in the coming weeks.  After that there’s still the physical therapy but things are looking much better.

Mary and I have invested in a new business venture, Clay Arts Vegas, along with five other artists.  We are located in the downtown Las Vegas Arts District and provide classes, workshops, art studio workspace, gallery, retail store, and kiln yard.  Check the links in my Blogroll for Clay Arts Vegas for additional information.  This studio has been an inspiration for both of us and we feel a a special kinship with the “family” of individuals who have also invested money and time into this exciting new business.

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Hoping to be back on the trail soon,

Marc Rosenthal