5-22-11 Wood fire prep work

Preparing for a wood firing takes a lot of physical labor. Wood needs to be split, sized, and stacked. Shelves and kiln furniture to be cleaned of wadding (the stuff that keeps pots from sticking to the shelves). Shelves and kiln furniture need to be “washed” with a coating that will resist the glaze and ash deposits. The kiln needs to be completely free of ash and wadding. In this case, our kiln requires a new coat of stucco. All pots need wadding underneath or separating multiple parts, such as lids.

I put in around 5 hours on Sunday, grinding kiln furniture and applying kiln wash. Stupidly forgot to put sun lotion on – boy is my neck red!

2 thoughts on “5-22-11 Wood fire prep work”

  1. Marc, your work is beautiful. You website is really cool. Did you design it?

  2. Sharon,
    Thanks for your comments on my work. The image selections on the site are mine. My brother Stan helped out with the design. I manage it myself and am still learning how to use it. When the actual website is completed, it will be much more complex, allowing for a lot more interaction from my followers.

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