In case you’re wondering…

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been…

My last post on this blog was back in May with descriptions of the wonderful Dirt Dauber Festival at the Eye of the Dog in San Marcos, Texas. In June, I began intensive physical therapy to prepare myself for a full knee replacement in early August. That included stationary bike work averaging 30 minutes daily, stretching routines, Swiss ball exercises with tension cables yoga work. The date kept being pushed out further but the surgery took place on August 22.

Now, after nearly 12 weeks of physical therapy from a home health care physical therapist and out patient PT, I’ve accomplished a lot but it’s far from over. At least I’m no longer confined to a walker. I am able to walk independently of a cane although I occasionally use trekking poles to steady myself on steep slopes or uneven ground. I’ve increased mobility in the left knee so that I can sit at a table with my knee at a 90 degrees or more with relative ease. Raised toilet no longer needed. Independently able to put my clothes on. And I don’t need the shower chair either. I’m now able to drive myself to outpatient therapy and I’m doing that two times a week. Very helpful but layers of pain are still ahead. The more mobile the knee, the less pain unless I twist it.

Meanwhile, I’ve accomplished very little in the studio. There was a heat wave that kept me out of there for awhile but now fall is here in full force and we’re getting cold mornings and moderate 70’s in the afternoons.  Clay work has been difficult as lower back issues forced me to raise my potters wheel up 32″. Throwing standing up is difficult to get used to after throwing seated over some 40 odd years. I’ve put my focus into slab work which I can do standing at the studio table.

Last year, I gave up on the gas kiln I had restored from an old Olympic raku kiln. Although it worked, it had a raising upper section (top hat style) which was lifted through a cable and ratchet assembly. It turned out that with the updraft kiln design the cables were rusting from the intense heat and pieces of rust were dropping onto the glazes. Black spots in all the wrong places!

Now, as I’m getting more mobile I’m building a new kiln based on an unusual design using a 55 gal drum that opens from the side rather than the top. Parts and pieces are in progress and a neighbor has interest in helping with cutting and welding. Gas cannisters are already purchased and a simple weed burner will provide heat. My hope for this kiln is raku firing and mid-range stoneware firings. Stay tuned for updates on the kiln construction and firings.

Coming soon: My shop! Under construction now. In the meantime if you’re interested in any of my works, you can comment on this post or email me at

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There’s not a lot of inventory as I sold quite a lot at the Dauber but there are still some works available for the holidays!  Check the three bars on the upper right corner of the home page for drop down menus Ceramics, Mixed Media, and Sculpture.

Happy Holidays!