5-15-2011 practice, practice, practice

Despite problems with my right foot and the general poor condition I find myself in, I started back with yoga again.  Very difficult to hold poses on my right foot since it continues to roll on me.  I am supposed to be fitted with a custom orthotic to stabilize my ankle on Monday.  Meantime, while I can still sit at my wheel, I continue to practice the mastery of forms.  In April my focus was on casseroles and lidded jars.  May will be focused on teapots and goblets.  The pictures show greenware in the drying stage.  All pots will be fired to stoneware temperatures.

Casseroles drying on the shelf
Lidded jars
First of the teapots

5-9-2011 Mary’s Birthday Weekend

Three peaceful days at the Apache Maid cabin in the Coconino National Forest.  The cabin was built in 1907 and originally used as two rooms connected with a breezeway.  Primarily used by cowboys it later became a ranger station in the 1930’s.  This is one of several different cabins, part of the Rooms With A view program offered by various national forests throughout the US.  Private, gated access, solar and propane power only.  No running water, the vault toilet is about 25 paces from the cabin.