Texas Wildflower series – Bud Vases

I recently completed a very successful firing of twenty five bud vases and several decorative plates (chargers) based on Texas wildflowers.  You will also see another series I’ve started called Power Animals.  Check on the Pottery page for closer look and pricing. Questions? Post at the bottom of the page.  These usually take a day or so for me to review and answer.  Thanks to all of you for interest and support!

Texas Wildflowers - Lotus  $75

Texas Wildflowers – Lotus $48

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And the work continues

Here are some recently finished works.  All works dishwasher and microwave safe.  Prices do not include sales tax or shipping.

painted bunting, stoneware 9 in dia

Painted Bunting, stoneware charger, 9 in diameter

Snapdragon Vine,  carved stoneware charger,  9 in dia, $65

Snapdragon Vine, carved stoneware charger, 9 in diameter

Downy Paintbrush, carved stoneware charger, 9 in dia $75

Downy Paintbrush, carved stoneware charger, 9 in dia $55

Hawthorn charger, carved stoneware, 9 in dia, $75

Hawthorn, carved stoneware charger, 9 in dia, $75

Globe Mallow, carved stoneware 9 in dia, $75

Globe Mallow, carved stoneware charger, 9 in dia, $55

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For Josh Rosenthal

Many of you have already seen our posts on Facebook about the loss of our son Josh Rosenthal.  He passed away peacefully in his sleep on  January 21, 2016.  He was only 31. Far too soon for him to leave us.  His loss was unexpected and I still can’t believe I will never see him again, at least not in this world.  He would have been proud of how many friends and family honored him  by coming to his funeral in Houston.  I think also he would have been genuinely surprised as he didn’t believe he had that many people who cared about him.  My first wife Ardis, my wife Mary, and I each wrote eulogies we read at his funeral.  I won’t add them here but I can only say they touched upon the story of who he was and what he had always dreamed of, but sadly could not have:  a normal life.  I find solace in knowing that he isn’t hurting anymore and is probably having a great time wherever he is now.  I will  remember the camping trips, the movies we loved, the jokes we shared, and the pleasure of his company.

The recently installed sculpture, “Standing Figure”, is a tribute to Elie Joshua Rosenthal.

Standing Figure front 1wb

Standing Figure, raku fired ceramic, ht 64″ x w 29″ x d 12″, 2016

Standing Figure back wb

Standing Figure, the view to the northwest

Standing Figure sunset wb

Standing Figure at sunset


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Moving forward

Hello again friends,

With most of  the holidays behind me I’m continuing rapid progress on new works  in my studio.  My “Walking Man” series is in full swing as I explore figurative subjects with an abstract approach.  Sculptures I sketched out as early as 1988 are now on my radar and I am very excited to bring these into my new body of work.

Defiance detail b wb

While my mind continues to move along like a racing engine with multiple stations that lead to many paths in many directions, I remain focused on the inventory that must be made.

If you are interested in purchasing work in time for the holidays there are a still a number of artworks available through the Pottery, Drawings & Prints, and Paintings pages. Painting sizes are approximate unless noted otherwise.  All prices include shipping USA. For questions about any of the works please leave a comment on the appropriate page or email me at:


All the best to each of you in the year ahead,


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Some of you may already know about the commitment I made in May to focus the year ahead on completing the ever elusive “body of work”.  It’s not like I haven’t been making art all this time but I know there have been times when I lacked direction and others when I simply let myself be distracted.  No more.   As Mr. Peck said to Mr. Niven in The Guns of Navarone, “You’re in it now boy.  Right up to your bloody neck!”  That’s probably a paraphrase but you get the idea.  I don’t expect I will ever let up from this point on.

This blog post is titled “Inventory” and with good reason.  Making  art is one thing, selling it is another.  My dad taught me you can’t sell if you don’t have inventory, which means you better be prepared to work.  Some of my more prolific friends out there are rolling out a painting a week or even every day!  I never thought I could keep up with that pace but now I do know that doesn’t really matter anymore.  The main thing is to get in there and make art.

I like the idea of looking backward in order to achieve my goals.   I dream of the end I have in mind and work backward to the steps it took me to get to that point.  This type of thinking has helped me to achieve success in many different ways.

The ceramic sculpture, “Standing Figure” has now been constructed. To give you an idea how long it has taken for me to do this sculpture, the design was originally sketched out in 1990.  This is the curse of a brain that is rolling along like a locomotive, keeping journals of drawings and ideas for the last 40 some odd years.  I tell myself I will get back to this or that one but up until now, that hasn’t happened.  Now it is happening.

The kiln load of ware is ready to be fired to bisque. Fall is officially here and this is the time to be firing.  This coincides very well with my production schedule:  make ceramics during the hot months and fire during the cold ones.  The rest of the time I’m painting and drawing.

I’m back to some functional pottery in the form of beer steins and mugs.  Additionally I’m returning to several bottle and box designs from 2011, long overdue to be produced.  Once completed, all works will be posted for sale here on the blog.  Many of these will be carved and accented with underglazes.  My style could be compared to the Arts and Craft movement that flourished in Europe and North America from 1880 to 1910, later to be replaced by Modernism in the 1930′s.

I’m continuing new works on canvas, greatly influenced by my new surroundings here in the hill country of Texas.  One of my favorite things to do is explore the many hidden roads around the area.  Each trip elicits surprise, wonder, and a magic that is in the heart of the places I visit.

Untitled work in progress, 36" x 48" 2015

Untitled work in progress, 36″ x 48″ 2015

All this while Mary and I begin intense activity in the back of the house, creating a raised bed vegetable and herb garden.  We plan to install gutters to conserve water for the garden, kept in plastic barrels.










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